The Grace N. Osuagwu Education Foundation (GNOEF), established as a charitable foundation in 2012, is a 501(3) public charity that supports students who are full of promise and learning desire, from the ninth grade to the college level who are unable to attend their preferred educational summer program, college, university or vocational institution due to insufficient funding, not qualifying for a full academic scholarship or a full financial aid package. The foundation also supports students who have achieved their baccalaureate and are unable to take examinations leading to professional certificates or licensure due to insufficient finances.

GNOEF was founded by the children of Grace N. Osuagwu to make a dream come true for their mother who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Mrs. Osuagwu was married to the late Dr. Harold G. Osuagwu, PhD, and they both are Nigerian-born natives. Their union produced four children they cherish greatly.

GNOEF is an expression of Mrs. Osuagwu’s values of the importance of achieving higher education to improve the quality of life. She believes wholeheartedly that your educational decisions will determine your career status or position. Mrs. Osuagwu is currently retired. She served 21 years in the Day Care industry in leadership roles leading up to Director and an additional 21 years as a Senior Educational Consultant with Agency of Children’s Services and Head-Start (ACS/HS). Throughout Mrs. Osuagwu’s career, she has used her own personal finances to help many students. Assisting to remove economic barriers that impede educational achievement is at the core of Mrs. Osuagwu’s values. The hope and goal of GNOEF is to provide millions of dollars in grants to help students achieve their academic goals which become a springboard for eventually living their career dreams and contributing to society.